What is a Digital Workplace and what are its benefits for entrepreneurs?

TOPICS: COVID-19, Digital Workplace, lockdown, productivity, telework

The Covid-19 pandemic has radically changed the way millions of people work and has led to the rise of telecommuting and remote work, as well as the use of the Digital Workplace. If we focus on the data, we see, for example, that daily users of Zoom, a software that enables video calls and virtual […]

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Twitch to make it easier to remove videos to avoid copyright issues

TOPICS: copyright, copyright infringement, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, DMCA, streamers, streaming, Twitch

Twitch, the increasingly popular platform for streaming electronic gaming sessions, owned by Amazon, does not escape the claims made by different copyright entities, when they observe the use of some of their copyrighted material in the transmissions of users through their respective channels. So the platform wants to make it easier for so-called streamers to […]

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Wikimedia to launch a paid service for companies using Wikipedia data

TOPICS: API, Wikimedia, Wikipedia, Wikipedia Enterprise

We have become accustomed to Google highlighting and linking Wikipedia excerpts to display them in the top search results. And the same goes for other platforms that use the data provided by Wikipedia for free. According to plans shared via Wired, Wikimedia wants to offer a new solution to tech giants like Google, Amazon, Apple […]

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The 4 phases of inbound marketing explained step-by-step

TOPICS: attraction marketing, call to action, content, content strategy, customer loyalty, inbound marketing, landing pages, newsletter

Attraction marketing or inbound marketing has been applied in large companies for years and has obtained great results. This strategy aims, through the phases of inbound marketing, to attract customers to the brand without having to go looking for them. In other words, it is the customer who feels interested in the brand without having […]

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What Stripe is doing and what it is achieving to be valued at nearly $100bn

TOPICS: fintech, John Collison, Patrick Collison, payment gateway, payments, Stripe, Treasury

Stripe’s rise has been meteoric. After its recent round of funding, Stripe has become the most valuable startup in the US with a valuation of $95 billion. In just a couple of years, the payments company has tripled in value and has reached levels within the reach of very few companies. To give us an […]

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What is the cost of ransomware to a business?

TOPICS: antivirus, cyber attack, malware, ransomware

Cyber attacks are the order of the day, leaving many business owners and entrepreneurs wondering what the cost of ransomware is to a business. And even more so in this day and age, as teleworking has increased the risk of cyber-attacks. Faced with this situation, many companies are analysing the cost of ransomware to the […]

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8 Important Traits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Foster


Are you thinking of getting into business for yourself as an entrepreneur? While that may sound great on paper, you should know that being an entrepreneur is very different from working an ordinary 9 to 5 job – and it takes a very special set of traits to pull it all together and make a […]

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Is brick and mortar dead in 2021?

TOPICS: brick and mortar, coronavirus, ecommerce, malls, omnichannel, pandemic, reatail

During the last year, many brick-and-mortar retailers had a tough time. Maybe it was the most intense and unpredictable year of our lives, but we can look at it as a changemaker. Because of the pandemic of unexpectedly large proportions, retailers were forced to close their doors to the customers. This move created a space […]

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Company of current Twitter CEO acquires majority stake in a Spotify rival

TOPICS: Jack Dorsey, Jay-Z, music, Spotify, Square Inc., streaming, Tidal, Twitter

Tidal, one of the most direct rivals to Spotify, was launched in 2014 trying shortly after to differentiate itself from the main streaming platforms, betting on high quality sound and exclusive content for its subscribers, something that has led to headaches along the way, given some complications that have arisen over time. Today it is […]

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Link building strategies for ecommerce

TOPICS: Ahrefs, build links, ecommerce, link building, ranking, SERPs, strategies

I’m sure that when you read about link building it sounded like Greek to you. But if you have searched in Google how to improve your positioning and gain more sales in your eCommerce, the fact that you have arrived here has not been a mistake. This concept is closely related to the goal you […]

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