Twitch to make it easier to remove videos to avoid copyright issues

TOPICS: copyright, copyright infringement, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, DMCA, streamers, streaming, Twitch

Twitch, the increasingly popular platform for streaming electronic gaming sessions, owned by Amazon, does not escape the claims made by different copyright entities, when they observe the use of some of their copyrighted material in the transmissions of users through their respective channels. So the platform wants to make it easier for so-called streamers to […]

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Company of current Twitter CEO acquires majority stake in a Spotify rival

TOPICS: Jack Dorsey, Jay-Z, music, Spotify, Square Inc., streaming, Tidal, Twitter

Tidal, one of the most direct rivals to Spotify, was launched in 2014 trying shortly after to differentiate itself from the main streaming platforms, betting on high quality sound and exclusive content for its subscribers, something that has led to headaches along the way, given some complications that have arisen over time. Today it is […]

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Teleshopping is back: the new streaming sale

TOPICS: Amazon Live, influencers, prescribers, streaming, streaming sale, teleshopping

The new streaming sale is still less than in its infancy, so it is a good opportunity to gain insights based on what we already know how it works and prepare the strategy to beat your competitors. The best way to put into context what is going to happen in the coming months is, without […]

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